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Increase your benefit data and billing accuracy and decrease your time each month spent on the data paper chase.

February 25th 2021

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Benefit Data Normalization Services

We simplify data flow between
employers, brokers and carriers while
providing oversight and analytics.
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Billing Guidance

Our platform harnesses the power of your
data to accurately calculate premiums for
payment or reconciliation.

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Automated Processing

We provide an intuitive solution leveraging flexible input,
data comparison and automation to
reduce your benefits data and billing frustrations.

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Your Data & Our Process

Our goal for every customer is to provide you with accurate information to support your benefit processing needs. Advice2Pay reports leverage your benefits administration system data and uses comparison processing to provide governance, billing and translation of your benefit data.

Automated Logic

Our Flexible Import Engine can take data in from nearly any benefits platform, normalize the data into a single internal format for processing and analytics, and then automate export of the data (including adjustments for data changes) into Carrier internal systems.

We Make You Easy

Providing data can be tricky for customers.  Our flexible import processes reduces (and in most cases eliminates) the noise of a difficult monthly export process making it easy to provide the needed data each month.

What we Offer

We provide Benefit Data Processing and Self Billing Services for Self-Administered Group Products.   With over 50 plus years of experience within the benefits administration marketplace we will continue to deliver empowering solutions to meet your needs.
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About Us

Advice2Pay is a Benefit Data Processing and Self Billing Service organization that supports Self-Administered Group Products.

Our leadership team has 50 plus years of experience within the benefits administration marketplace.  Our experience includes working as consultants, brokers, enrollment firms, third party administrators and carriers alike.

Our mission is to empower carriers, brokers and employers with a streamlined benefit data delivery and billing experience that accurately and efficiently addresses your data flow and premium billing needs.  Advice2Pay is putting the power of the data on your side to make sure you pay for accurate coverage rather than paying whatever you are billed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advice2Pay?

Advice2Pay is a Benefit Data Normalization and Self Billing Service that supports Self-Administered Group Products for all employee types who have coverage under the applicable Group Plans where the company is paying for the coverage.  We simplify the data flow process from customer to broker and carrier while providing analytics, governance and billing data in an easy-to-use solution.

Why would I use Advice2Pay?

Advice2Pay simplifies the benefit data flow from customers to brokers and carriers while providing automatic oversight and billing guidance from the data.

  1. Our Flexible Import System allows data to come in from virtually any benefits administration system with little to no custom export needs required.
  2. Our Automated Adjustment Engine compares all data from month to month automating reconciliation of billing amounts, heaped commission tracking, and custom processing based on data changes.
  3. Our Consolidated Self Billing Reporting generates summary billing data grouped at the plan type, plan, coverage tier and age band levels while providing individual premium detail for all benefit enrollees.
  4. Our Custom Export system automatically translates the input data into export data formats targeted to carrier and broker legacy systems.

Regardless of what systems your customers use, we take data in from all of them, unify into a single data set for processing, and export the data specific to your systems.

How does Advice2Pay work?

Advice2Pay utilizes the client’s data as the source of truth. This data is typically provided from your benefits administration or HRS system.  A2P processes these data files to provide data governance, calculate benefit costs, detect monthly changes for adjustments, and produce reports and custom exports for output to the carriers for billing purposes and client reference. 

Why Choose Advice2Pay?


Over 50 plus years of experience within the benefits administration marketplace.


Our flexible import and normalization process adapts to your data needs.

Proven Results

Automated data comparison catches and compensates for changes to save you time and money.

Reduce Your Confusion, Frustration and Data Complexities with Advice2Pay

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