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Iowa-Based Insurance Startup, Advice2Pay, Officially Launches

JANUARY 18, 2017 (Des Moines) – Today, Advice2Pay (A2P), a consolidated billing service organization that supports group insurance products, officially launched after a successful introduction at the 2016 Employee Navigator Users Conference.

A2P utilizes proprietary technology to eliminate the onerous process of reconciling insurance carrier detail invoices for employers, simplifying the carrier premium calculations procedure and saving clients money. The premium calculation process impacts the client, broker, benefits administrator, and carrier alike, and can create unnecessary financial hardships and reduce synergy among stakeholders.

“We saw a significant pain point within the market and recognized a need for employers, brokers, and carriers to have access to a solution,” said Don Cahalan, a founding partner at Advice2Pay.

Human Resources professionals are responsible for an array of administrative issues including new hire enrollments, life events, and enrollment changes at each carrier across their employee population. Ultimately, these changes impact premiums. Given the difficulty of accurately accounting for these changes in a timely and fiscally responsible manner, employers are often held at the mercy of a carrier’s detail invoices when paying premiums. This “billing hostage” situation creates a manual, error-prone, and time-consuming reconciliation process for the HR department.

A2P leverages cloud-based, proprietary technology to analyze a client’s enrollment data in order to calculate an accurate, monthly carrier invoice. A2P’s process complies with all carrier reporting, retroactive, and wash rules.

“We have transformed a very tedious and aggravating reconciliation loop that never seems to end into a 15-minute monthly process for the benefits manager,” said Cahalan. “Having one system that uses the same enrollment data to calculate premiums accurately and provide full backup to all carriers, is a huge advantage for the HR department.”

“It is increasingly difficult for leadership within organizations to step back and re-imagine processes or new opportunities,” said Cahalan. “The demands of running a business coupled with a matrixed management infrastructure present challenges associated with key initiatives and the expenditure of scarce IT budgets. These internal challenges create real-world roadblocks for continuous improvements.”

A2P recognizes the reality of doing business today, and has established a cost-effective solution for the group products marketplace to address the billing, collection, and the reconciliation merry-go-round that many employers, brokers, and carriers deal with on a regular basis.

Given increased competition among carriers, the market trend to true group self-administered products, and the gaps within the enrollment technology marketplace, the A2P solution becomes essential.

A2P was first introduced at the 2016 Employee Navigator Users Conference and was met with positive feedback across the industry. As A2P continues to grow, the system will also provide critical financial analytics to HR decision makers regarding all benefit costs.

About Advice2Pay

Advice2Pay (A2P) is a consolidated billing service organization that supports group insurance products. The A2P leadership team has more than 50 years of experience within the benefits administration marketplace – working as consultants, brokers, enrollment firms, third party administrators, and carriers.

A2P’s mission is to empower employers, brokers, and carriers with a streamlined billing experience that accurately and efficiently addresses premium billing and payment needs. A2P is putting the power of data on your side to ensure accurate premium calculation. For more information about A2P, please visit www.Advice2Pay.com or contact a representative at (515) 240-9309.

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Advice2Pay launches into the marketplace at Employee Navigator User Conference

Advice2Pay introduced their Consolidated Billing Services for Self-Administered Group Products at the recent Employee Navigator User Conference in Washington D.C. Advice2Pay was introduced to the 150 plus benefit agencies that were in attendance at the conference. The overall reaction to the Advice2Pay service offering was very positive with many agencies looking to engage before the end of the year. In addition to the agencies, Advice2Pay was able to initiative discussion opportunities with several carriers who were in attendance at the meeting including Allstate and Transamerica and other Third Party Administration organizations such as TriCore and Streamline HR. Advice2Pay is looking forward to follow-up discussions and opportunities and returning to the conference in 2017.

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Advice2Pay Attends Annual Employee Navigator Conference

Advice2Pay will be attending the annual Employee Navigator user conference in Washington D.C. from June 23 -25th.  The Employee Navigator annual conference is attended by a collection of industry leaders from clients, brokers, third party administrators and carriers alike.

There are over 500 brokers and clients scheduled to attend the annual conference to network, meet third party service provider partners and be the first to see firsthand the new Employee Navigator Marketplace.

The conference will be the initial market launch for Advice2Pay.  Chief Distribution Officer Don Cahalan stated “We are extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with Employee Navigator to bring our services to their broker and client community.  My history with George Reese (CEO Employee Navigator) goes back to the early 2000’s when George provided COBRA services to my clients and now we look forward to providing our services to his client base.”

Advice to Pay offers a web-based SAAS Consolidated Billing Service for Self-Administered Group Products.  For more information about Advice2Pay see www.advice2pay.com.