Advice2Pay simplifies your end-to-end benefits processing.

Platform Independent

Take data in from virtually any benefits administration or HRS system.  The A2P flexible import system aligns itself to your data instead of requiring costly and time-consuming custom exports.

Intuitive Setup

The A2P system sets itself up based on your data, asking questions where needed to understand the benefits as found.  It’s setup…simplified.

Data Governance

The A2P system verifies correct data load information and insures incoming data aligns with expectations.  Rules can be applied based on data history to bridge the gaps commonly found in exports from other systems.

Reconciliation Eliminated

The A2P Automated Adjustment Engine does a record-by-record comparison of all data compared to prior imports, allowing for automatic billing adjustments, heaped commission breakdowns, and other change-based management.

Billing, Analytics and More

A2P billing leverages the data provided to generated consolidated summary bills as well as individual-detail premium reporting (including retroactivity).  The data can also be leveraged for custom analytics, data trending, and payroll deduction variance guidance.


A2P archives all report data each month allowing for historical data trending and analysis.  As benefits data changes from month-to-month, A2P becomes your system of historical record.